Endeavor Homes Owner-Builder Kit Package

Endeavor Homes provides everything you need (except concrete and pipes) to build your own real, custom home on your lot. Not manufactured or modular, it will increase in value over time, as will any custom home.
Delivered on your schedule in an average of six deliveries, Endeavor pre-frames the walls in clearly identified sections and provides a schematic plan from which you assemble the wall sections.

Endeavor manufactures the roof trusses, so once the walls are up and braced, we deliver the trusses onto the 'top plate' as bundles, for you to spread and block. Once the framing is up, Endeavor provides all the materials to the site to complete your home.

Another unique feature of an Endeavor owner-builder package is that two items come installed by licensed contractors as part of your package. The central heat and air conditioning system is included installed, as are the cabinets and counter-tops, if delivered in northern California.