Precut and Pre-framed Building Components

Endeavor Homes can provide design and production assistance for your residential or commercial projects. As a quality audited and inspected certified truss manufacturer, your projects and requirements can be made easier and more economical utilizing manufactured roof trusses and pre-framed wall assemblies. Your high dollar 'on-site' framers can assemble our components in a fraction of the time required for conventional hand framing, with less waste, less confusion and more productivity. Just call or email us with your plans, requirements, and timelines and you'll become one of our newest happy repeat customers.

Long span trusses allow your Endeavor Home to have a more flexible interior layoutVery Large Clearspan Trusses - Eliminate the need for interior bearing walls or posts & beams

Attic trusses will add useful space in the attic of your new Endeavor package homeAttic trusses provide useful space built into the roof trusses for attic or bonus room

A truck load of roof trusses heads out to be set at a commercial project

The Endeavor Homes boom truck setting roof trusse on the top plate of a commercial building
Top plate delivered trusses - trusses are delivered
by boomtruck to the
braced second story
of a commercial project.

Boom truck with preframed wall sections - a truck load of preframed wall sections ready to be delivered

Boom truck picking up a bundle of pre framed walls
Bundle of preframed walls - a boomtruck facilitates the delivery of preframed wall bundles over obstacles to your floor

Pre framed walls are an integral part of the Endeavor package home - allowing your home to take shape quickly
On an average home, walls can be standing by noon of delivery day

An Endeavor package - pre framed walls and roof trusses in place and ready for roof sheathing
Delivered and assembled house frame - a complete house frame stood, trusses set and ready for roof sheathing. The Endeavor package saves days of on-site labor