Environmentally Responsible Structures

From its inception, Endeavor Homes was conceived to be a low cost, energy efficient alternative to standard developer homes. We received the coveted 'P.G. & E. Energy Conservation Award' in 1982 for our innovative, energy efficient standards, which surpassed state and local code regulations.


1. An Endeavor Home reduces the Carbon Footprint of the home utilizing Energy Star appliances and water heater, Energy Star compact fluorescent lighting, Energy Star dual glazed windows, efficient sealed duct central HVAC, cementitious siding with fly-ash, and all materials delivered mean less fuel used driving to the store.
GREEN UPGRADES available now are metal roofs, solar panels, LED lighting, high efficiency HVAC units, low 'E' windows, foil backed roof-sheathing.

2. An Endeavor Home improves indoor air quality with balanced central HVAC systems, formaldehyde-free batt insulation, lo VOC carpets, paints and adhesives.
GREEN UPGRADES available are high efficiency filters, filtration systems and mold inhibition treatment.

3. An Endeavor Home reduces water usage in the home utilizing low flow toilets, low flow faucets and low flow shower-heads.
GREEN UPGRADES available are tank-less instant water heater, ultra low flow fixtures

4. An Endeavor Home Lowers the pressure on the environment using renewable and sustain-ably harvested lumber, engineered lumber for beams, and products which contain recycled materials: cementitious sidings, insulation and vinyl windows.
GREEN UPGRADES available include metal or composite roofing, O.S.B. sheathing and engineered lumber.

5. An Endeavor Home reduces pressure on landfills and waste disposal using recyclable or recycled materials, reduces waste through pre-cutting and pre-framing of wall sections and roof trusses and utilizing engineered lumber.