Endeavor Homes Precut Framing Package

The Endeavor Homes Precut Framing Package is for contractors, builders and those who only desire the framing package of a structure with none of the interior products. Any of our home packages, chalets, garages, barns, shops, or our famous Quick cabins can be ordered as Framing Packages. Often referred to as a 'shell' or 'shelled-in', we provide the framing, plus all the exterior surface products (siding, roofing, windows, doors) to produce an economical, weather-tight and lockable structure.
Depending on the application, we may be able to pre-frame the walls, or manufacture the roof trusses, but shipping options and destination will dictate the amount of pre-framing or components which will be available in your area.

If there are items you would prefer to provide, rather than having them in our package, you only need to inform us.

This Framing Package option can be shipped outside of our traditional delivery range. It can be containerized and transported via sea freight, or shipped on long haul overland freight to your desired location. Just call or email us with your request.

Boom truck with preframed wall sections - A truckload of preframed wall sections and second floor framing materials

Truck with sea container - laden truck heads out with con-ex sea container

A house heads to Hawaii - two trucks bound for the ocean freight link out of port of Oakland