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ndeavor Homes offers complete package home kits and precut and preframed building components to owner-builders, contractors, and multi-family developers. We feature conventionally framed structures which can accommodate 'green' or solar applications and wheelchair accessibility.

Our famous Endeavor Homes Owner Builder Kit Package provides the most complete owner-builder Package in the industry, providing all the materials to build the home, except concrete and plumbing pipes. Owner-builders and contractors have built thousands of Endeavor Homes in California, Nevada, Oregon , and Hawaii. Endeavor Homes offers one - stop service on over 25 standard home plans, or a custom package from designs you provide. With material arriving as needed in an average of six deliveries, our complete package offers the best economy and service.

An Endeavor Homes Precut Framing Package offers contractors, builders, vacationers and sportsmen the materials required to complete a weathertight and lockable "shelled- in" stage on homes, cabins, chalets, garages, barns and shops on a one or two delivery system. Building components can include labor saving preframed walls, manufactured roof trusses and lumber packages as well as exterior surface materials. These can be truck delivered overland, or containerized and shipped by sea.

The Endeavor Homes Import Labor Housing offers Wineries, Ranches, and any that operate with the help of a migrant work force the proven plans and materials to comply with the need for dormitory or family-style quarters.

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